Every single child
has infinite potential.



Watching your children grow up is the greatest joy of life.

From birth, most children meet their milestones with instinctive ease, learning to walk on wobbly little legs and calling for “Ima” and “Abba” before you know it.
And as they grow, they learn, overcoming challenges effortlessly: graduating from baby books to novels, from their first day at school to their first real job.

But for some parents, raising their sweet new bundles isn’t straightforward or simple. These souls were born into a world that was built for someone else. The powerful potential is there, but uncovering it takes perseverance, experience, and a village of thoughtful, caring, and innovative people.



So we built
a world for them.

A world where they are not alone anymore.

A world of nurturers and teachers determined for them to grow. A world that believes in what they can give to the world. A world that brings out their infinite potential.

Our team of givers nurtures the whole person through adulthood and beyond. We educate and support special needs children until they reach maturity. We then help them transition to the workforce and independent living with our network of custom sheltered housing and communities – all with the goal of individuals successfully integrating as independent adults.


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